Feng E, a 12-Year-Old Taiwanese Ukulele Prodigy, Represents Mahalo Ukuleles at the NAMM Show, 2020.

Feng E, the 12 year old ukulele sensation, wowed visitors to the Mahalo Ukuleles booth at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

He first learned to play on a Mahalo Ukulele at age 5 in an effort to improve his finger development.

Feng E's father introduced him to the ukulele however he resisted learning at first.  Consequently, his threat to never play LEGO with him again convinced him otherwise!

Now at age 12, Feng E is a global Ukulele phenomenon. His YouTube videos attract millions of views, he has won competitions all over the world, and ultimately reached the finals of "Asia's Got Talent". As a result, Feng has twice appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." In addition to the ukulele, he has mastered 5 instruments and recently showed off his many talents at NAMM representing Mahalo Ukuleles.

NAMM 2020

Amazing Feng E at Namm 2020

10 minutes solo at Namm 2020

Duo with Kapono Wong - Bodysurfing duet

A Success Story

2017 - GOLDEN BUZZER on Asia’s Got Talent

2018 - GUEST ON ELLEN SHOW 1.8+ Million views

2019 - CAR VIDEO GOES VIRAL 3+ Million views